National Surgical Partners, LLC is a strategy, development and management firm founded by professionals specializing in regulatory compliance, strategic planning, project management, clinical management, and day to day operations of Ambulatory Surgical Centers.

With Facilities in the Northeast and planned expansion into the Southeast, NSP and its subsidiaries have advised, consulted, invested in, managed and helped to develop well over a dozen facilities from small medical offices to 25,000 square foot multi-specialty, multi-operating and procedure room centers over the last ten years.


Charles N. Friedlander 

MD, Chairman

Charles N. Friedlander, MD is a Founding Member and Chairman of the Board of Members of National Surgical Partners, LLC.  Dr. Friedlander has been a practicing gastroenterologist for more than 38 years and was a founding member of Concorde Medical Group, PLLC, a multi-specialty internal medical practice in Manhattan.  He was the President and Managing Member of Friedlander & Associates, LLC.  


He is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the New York University School of Medicine and an attending physician at New York University Langone Medical Center in the Department of Gastroenterology.  He has more than 18 years of knowledge and experience in the development, operations, and strategic planning of Ambulatory Surgery Centers. 


Dr. Friedlander was the managing member of Kips Bay Endoscopy Center, a single specialty GI facility in midtown Manhattan and a member of Brooklyn Surgery Center, a multi-specialty Ambulatory Surgery Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Giovanna Guerci

Chief Compliance Officer

Giovanna Guerci is a Founding Member and the Chief Compliance Officer of National Surgical Partners, LLC.  Ms. Guerci has more than 35 years of experience in healthcare administration, operational leadership and healthcare regulatory compliance and is Certified in Healthcare Compliance by the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA). 


Ms. Guerci was the Chief Operating Officer and Principal of Friedlander & Associates, LLC for 16 years during which time she succeeded in opening numerous Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Her responsibilities include project management; development of policy, procedures, and workflows; federal, state and accreditation regulatory compliance; survey preparation and readiness; the achievement of state licensure and CMS certification.

Ms. Guerci is a Board Member of the New York State Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers and a member of the Florida Society of Ambulatory Surgical Centers. She is also a member of Brooklyn Surgery Center, a multi-specialty ASC in Brooklyn, NY.



Chief Executive Officer

Richard Ventimiglia is a Founding Member and the Chief Executive Officer of National Surgical Partners, LLC.  Mr. Ventimiglia was the Vice President and Principal, Friedlander & Associates, LLC for 16 years whereas chief strategist he was responsible for the financial development and strategic planning for new ASCs.


He has more than 36 years in healthcare consulting and strategic planning. He is a founder and serves on the Board of Directors of docsbackoffice.com, a revenue management and consulting company. He developed a Billing Outsourcing Processing Center in India that processes 18,000 insurance claims per month, including full claim data entry and insurance follow-up. 


Mr. Ventimiglia served as a Senior Manager for a national physician management company raising over $80,000,000 in two public offerings. He develops financial models and works with the members, commercial banks, and private investors to support the establishment of Ambulatory Surgical Centers. 


Mr. Ventimiglia is a member of Brooklyn Surgery Center, a multi-specialty Ambulatory Surgery Center in Brooklyn, NY and also serves as a Board Member of Complete Women’s Imaging, PC, a dedicated women’s imaging center providing over 30,000 procedures annually on Long Island.

Rick Martello

President & Chief Operating Officer

Rick Martello is a Founding Member, President and the Chief Operating Officer of National Surgical Partners, LLC.   Mr. Martello was President of Northeast Management Consulting Associates, Inc. a management and operations company serving the ambulatory surgical center arena for 15 years and was responsible for the final executive decisions for all aspects of day to day operations, including financial, operations, and management activities of the clinical facilities and medical practices under contract with the firm. Mr. Martello has more than 35 years of experience in healthcare consulting and business management for a variety of medical facilities and centers.

Our In House  Staff

National Surgical Partners, LLC has a host of individuals in a wide spectrum of positions delivering support for ambulatory surgery centers in virtually all non-medical functions of the day to day operations of the facilities.  This includes all day to day operations such as billing, collections, financial, administrative, executive management, legal, IT and clinical operations & administrative services. 


The objective of NSP is to bring on individuals with the expertise to provide in house supervision and management for all non-medical business operations for the ambulatory surgical centers it operates so that the physicians at these facilities are not hampered by any decision-making challenges other than those involved in the actual medical procedures that they perform.